Jeremy Diner

Community Science Liaison

For years, Jeremy Diner has been dreaming of an Internet of Water. Today, he is delighted to be turning this dream into a reality as the team’s Community Science Liaison. Jeremy proactively engages with community science groups to facilitate seamless integration of their data into the Internet of Water, and to maximize the potential for their data to be included in public policy and decision-making.

 Jeremy comes to the Internet of Water from American Rivers, where he’s worked since 2015 to catalyze partnerships from the grassroots to the grasstops in pursuit of sustainable and just water management. Here, he worked on issues as diverse as national monitoring and evaluation metrics, green infrastructure design, environmental justice, water efficiency, grant procurement, and framing the organization’s national approach to integrated water management. His passion for community engagement began in Cambodia, where he worked with rural villages to develop strategies for integrating climate resilience into local planning efforts.

Whether struggling with a lack of data to measure effectiveness in the non-profit realm, or from swimming in heaps of data that went practically nowhere in the consulting realm—data has been on Jeremy’s mind.  His graduate thesis sought to circumvent the lack of accessible environmental data by developing social metrics to monitor and evaluate projects in the field. Jeremy has a B.S. in Environmental Technology from North Carolina State University and a Master’s of Integrated Water Management from the University of Queensland.