Our Values


The Internet of Water envisions a world engaged in sustainable water resource management and stewardship enabled by open, shared, and integrated water data and information.


The mission of the Internet of Water is to build a dynamic and voluntary network of communities and institutions to facilitate the opening, sharing, and integration of water data and information. This network will connect data producers, hubs, and users to enable the discovery, accessibility, and usability of water data and information.


In 2017, the Aspen Institute collaborated with Duke University’s Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions and Redstone Strategy Group to convene a dialogue with diverse stakeholders (utility managers, agricultural producers, software developers, and representatives of public sector agencies and non-governmental organizations) to discuss what barriers exist and what steps are needed to improve the nation’s water data infrastructure. That dialogue led to the 2017 report:  Internet of Water: Sharing and Integrating Water Data for Sustainability  a bold vision for how to improve water data infrastructure nationwide to fundamentally transform water management. This idea sparked the imaginations of several philanthropic foundations, who seeded the Internet of Water (IoW) project, beginning in 2018.  The IoW is managed by a small Duke startup team working to realize the IoW vision and mission. By 2021, the IoW aims to be a self-sustaining network supported by an independent organization.