Jeffrey Allenby

Director of Conservation Technology, Chesapeake Conservancy

Jeffrey Allenby is the Director of Conservation Technology at the Chesapeake Conservancy. His team explores new methods to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of environmental management and focuses on developing new ways to empower partner organizations by providing them with innovative platforms to access geospatial data and analysis tools that will create beneficial management outcomes. His team is currently developing new uses of high-resolution imagery and LIDAR elevation data to better map large landscapes and identify project scale opportunities that contain benefits for multiple conservation and restoration programs, such as water quality and quantity, habitat, and climate change.

Before joining the Conservancy, Jeff worked with the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science and the Maryland Department of Natural Resources, managing a competitive grant program that provided technical and financial support to local communities to realize and proactively adapt to climate change and coastal hazards, and at the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, managing the Maryland Canoe environmental education program. Jeff has a Masters of Environmental Management and Certificate in Geospatial Analysis from Duke University and a Bachelors of Science from the University of Richmond.