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The IoW Technology Adoption Program

The IoW Technology Adoption Program provides education and training to support public agencies in modernizing their water data infrastructure. The modernization of public agency water data infrastructure depends not only on technology adoption, but also on an organizational and cultural evolution in how data are managed, shared, and deployed for decision-making. TAP was designed to address both aspects of water data modernization for public agencies. The program includes an introduction to and training on available technologies and close engagement with public agency staff and leadership to facilitate the organizational transformation needed to adopt modern technologies and approaches.

The development of the program was informed by a research project in which we assessed the current state of water data infrastructure at public agencies, learned more about the process of technology adoption within those agencies, documented their successes, and identified the barriers they face when attempting to adopt new technology or technological processes.

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Technology Adoption at Public Agencies: Identifying Challenges and Building Opportunities to Modernize Public Water Data Infrastructure

Technology Adoption at Public Agencies

A whitepaper detailing research conducted by the Water Policy Program at Duke University’s Nicholas Institute into technology adoption at water sector public agencies.

Data Modernization Recommendations for Public Agencies

Data Infrastructure Modernization Recommendations

Recommendations for public agencies that are modernizing their water data infrastructure and a technology adoption roadmap.

Technology Adoption at Public Agencies Blog Cover Page

Water Features Blog: Technology Adoption at Public Agencies

A blog on the Nicholas Institute Water Policy Program’s research into technology adoption at public agencies and the vision of the IoW Technology Adoption Program.

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Water Features Blog: the IoW Technology Adoption at Program in New Mexico

A blog on the New Mexico Water Data Initiative’s experience with the IoW Technology Adoption Program.

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