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Water data for water resource managers

The IoW Technology Adoption Program

The Nicholas Insitute’s Water Policy Program is currently developing a Technology Adoption Program for water sector public agencies. This program will provide education and training to support public agencies in modernizing their water data infrastructure. To inform the development of the program we launched the Technology Adoption Research Project in 2021. Through this research, we assessed the current state of water data infrastructure at public agencies, learned more about the process of technology adoption within those agencies, documented their successes, and identified the barriers they face when attempting to adopt new technology or technological processes. Building on the foundation of this research, we are now developing an innovative educational program designed to meet the unique needs of public agencies.

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Technology Adoption Project Research Report

Technology Adoption for Water Sector Public Agencies

This report details research conducted by the Water Policy Program at Duke University’s Nicholas Institute into the technology adoption process at water sector public agencies.

Data Modernization Recommendations for Public Agencies

Data Modernization Recommendations for Water Sector Public Agencies

Recommendations and a roadmap for water data infrastructure modernization and budget estimates based on NM’s Water Data Initiative.

Technology Adoption at Public Agencies Blog Cover Page

Coming Soon: Technology Adoption at State Agencies

A blog on the Nicholas Institute Water Policy Program’s research into technology adoption at public agencies and the vision of the IoW Technology Adoption Program.

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