IoW Water Data Hubs

An IoW Water Data Hub is a structured source of findable, accessible, and usable water data, formally included in the IoW Network. Hubs conform to best practices and specifications of the IoW and are interconnected with other IoW Water Data Hubs.

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What is an IoW Hub?

IoW Hubs are the data architecture supporting an internet of water. There are four necessary components of an IoW Water Data Hub: data producers, data wrappers, a data store, and a metadata catalog.

Hub Diagram

IoW Hub Structure

The IoW is developing and implementing a technical architecture to make water data discoverable, accessible, and usable. A linked, structured network of organized water data hubs is central to an internet of water.

There are four types of IoW Water Data Hubs

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Summary of Hubs
Data_Producers by Hub Type

Which Hub is Best for You?

Different types of data may be best suited for different types of hubs.

Similarly, a producers capacity or drivers for sharing data may lend themselves to certain types of hub configurations.

IoW Hubs

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