The Learning Center

Educational materials to explain standards, metadata, cloud services, etc. What they are, why they are important, what tools are available, and how to use them.

Policy support materials to guide decision-makers and legislators who wish to implement policies to advance a modern water data infrastructure.

Hub support materials that help hub managers identify funding sources, types of funding mechanisms, and evaluation metrics.

Internet of Water Tools

The IoW seeks to advance the transformation and modernization of water data infrastructure in the United States by developing affordable, open-source technologies for sharing and integrating water data, and demonstrate, through a national network of partners, the power of those technologies to improve equitable and resilient water outcomes.

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IoW Hubs

An IoW Water Data Hub is a structured source of findable, accessible, and usable water data, formally included in the IoW Network. Hubs conform to best practices and specifications of the IoW and are interconnected with other IoW Water Data Hubs.

Community Science

Community science provides opportunity to build the capacity of organizations and institutions for integrated, equitable water resources management. The Internet of Water is proud to partner with federal, state, local, tribal, and community science organizations to improve water data integration for sustainable water resources management.

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