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Water Data Policy Landscape

The process to modernize water data infrastructure is already underway at the federal level and in some states. Innovative policy and supportive legislation can help ensure agencies have the motivation and resources they need to make water data as easy to use as possible. Read more about the current water data policy landscape in this StoryMap.

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Achieving an Internet of Water by 2030: Recommendations for Federal Policymakers

To ensure equitable, sustainable, and resilient water management, we must build an Internet of Water. These four recommendations will make an Internet of Water possible.

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Legislation for Modern Water Data Infrastructure

This policy brief provides an overview of water data legislation in the United States, as well as a set of water data policy recommendations and guidance on water data policy development.

New Mexico, California, and Oregon Water Policy

Water Data Legislation Options: Examples from New Mexico, California, and Oregon

This document compares processes, outcomes, and costs associated with the legislation and funding for water data initiatives in New Mexico, California, and Oregon.