What We Do 

The Internet of Water Coalition mobilizes cultural and behavioral change across individuals, agencies, and institutions to modernize water data infrastructure. Through this work, we aim to transform water data and information to enable sustainable, equitable, and resilient water management. 

What is Modern Water Data Infrastructure?

An integrated system of 21st-century information technologies, which includes common standards, formats, and tools designed to make water data easy to find, access, and share online. This system is connected by an organizational network of water data producers, users, and hubs. Water data hubs provide structured sources of standardized water data aggregated by theme or geography.

Our Top Priorities

The Internet of Water Coalition seeks to advance the transformation and modernization of water data infrastructure in the United States by developing affordable, open-source technologies for sharing and integrating water data, and demonstrate, through a national network of partners, the power of those technologies to improve sustainable, equitable, and resilient water outcomes.

Education and training

Technology adoption workshops and training for water sector public agencies

Tool Development

Data infrastructure and essential technologies  


Collaborative projects

Projects that solve water problems with integrated data and improved data management

IoW Hubs

A network of organized water data hubs across the United States

Peer Network

A network of water data producers, hubs, users, and stakeholders to advance the uptake and use of IoW technologies

Data Stories

Clear value propositions demonstrating how water data improves outcomes

Water data community

What is the water data community?

The Water Data Community includes water data producers, users, and decision-makers. Water data producers and users manage water data and create useful information and insights to inform and improve decision-making. Decision-makers leverage information and insights generated by water data users and producers to inform water policy and management. These stakeholders are involved in water resources management at government agencies, water and wastewater utilities, community organizations, policy-making institutions, and research institutions.

Internet of Water

Upcoming Events

Aug 16 9:00 am

The upcoming 2022 National Water Use Data Workshop is a collaboration between the Western States Water Council Water Information Management Systems (WIMS) Group, USGS National Water Use Team, Interstate Council on Water Policy, and the Internet of Water.

Aug 25 2:30 am

The Open Geospatial Consortium’s family of API standards are helping make geospatial data on the web more accessible and interoperable.  This presentation will introduce pygeoapi – a Python server implementation of OGC’s standards. Kyle Onda, from the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy’s Center for Geospatial Solutions, will walk you through how to set up an API endpoint and discuss several ideas for how to use this flexible, open-source API framework for water data applications.

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