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Say Hello at WaterSciCon!

IoW Coalition Members Highlight Impact on Water Data and Research


June 2024

WaterSciCon is a multi-day conference co-sponsored by the American Geophysical Union and the Consortium of Universities for the Advancement of Hydrologic Science (CUAHSI), an Internet of Water co-leader. Spanning across public, private, and academic sectors, WaterSciCon gathers the water community together to share research, make new connections, and plan for our shared water future.

This year’s conference will be in St. Paul, MN, from June 24 – 27. With the theme “Catalyzing Collaboration,” it’s a great opportunity to explore progress across the water and water data community, as well as link up with new partners and collaborators.

Curious what the Internet of Water is all about? The event is a great opportunity to hear from the IoW team at the Center for Geospatial Solutions. You’ll have two chances to catch them in action.

First, anyone interested in learning more about the IoW can look for Kyle Onda or Sara Larsen during the opening reception on June 24. They will be talking about participation opportunities with the IoW Coalition and related water data-sharing efforts.  

Later in the week, be sure to catch their presentation: Diving into the Internet of Water: Catalyzing Opportunities in Data Management, Data Sharing, and Integration. Presented with Stacy Timmons from the New Mexico Bureau of Geology and Mineral Resources, the talk will be a great learning opportunity for anyone, regardless of familiarity with the Internet of Water. 

Among the 80+ sessions, workshops, and town halls, members of the Coalition will be present throughout the conference, both as attendees and as presenters. Stop by any of the sessions listed below to meet some of our members and learn about their great work!

Kyle Onda (Director, IoW) and Sara Larsen (Associate Director, IoW Services) will be on the ground at WaterSciCon ready to talk all things IoW. Catch them throughout the conference and at the opening reception!

Monday, June 24

Tuesday, June 25

Wednesday, June 26

Will you be at WaterSciCon?

We’d love to hear from you! Send us a line at to learn more about the IoW Coalition or to let us know you’ll be joining us at the event! 



Keep Exploring

The Internet of Water Coalition

Through our start-up period, we learned that the strength of the IoW is its capacity to unite independent organizations around the common goal of modernizing water data infrastructure. Now, as we enter our growth phase, we are scaling up from a project of the Nicholas Institute to a coalition of organizations working with government partners to enact the IoW vision.

Geoconnex: A Community Index for Water Data

A detailed presentation from Kyle Onda on the Internet of Water’s flagship technology, Geoconnex. When completed, this geospatial index will be capable of searching and retrieving any water metadata published in the United States, and ultimately North America and beyond. Geoconnex relies on a distributed linked data system. Such systems are foundational elements of internet search technology, allowing for the retrieval of millions of records in an instant. This webinar provides visualizations of Geoconnex (e.g., what does it do, how does it work), including graphics of the current contents and anticipated growth in scope and scale.

Geospatial Vector Data: Standards for Improved Sharing

It’s important to be able to share data in ways that are easy for scientists and water professionals to analyze and for developers to use to make tools and communication materials. In this blog, Kyle Onda describes practices that the Internet of Water Initiative at the Lincoln Institute’s Center for Geospatial Solutions recommends for sharing geospatial vector data.