Enabling small and rural utilities to create, digitize, and update their service area boundaries


What is BoundarySync?

BoundarySync is an easy-to-use online platform that enables utilities to create, digitize, and update their service area boundaries.

BoundarySync lowers the digital divide for small and rural utilities by providing a low-cost option for maintaining digital service area boundaries. Once digitized, these boundaries allow utilities to better understand the populations they serve, apply for improvement grants and financing, and comply with regulatory requirements.

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Free accounts allow users to digitize and download boundaries.

Organizational Accounts

Public agencies can set up organizational BoundarySync accounts. Organizational accounts give agencies access to administrative accounts with the ability to review, provide comments, and approve boundaries submitted by utilities in their state. If you are interested in setting up an organizational account contact Kyle Onda.

North Carolina Utilities

BoundarySync was originally developed for the state of North Carolina. If you are a North Carolina utility, you can find more information on the NC organizational BoundarySync Account on the North Carolina Rural Water Association’s website. If you are interested in using the North Carolina Lead Service Line Inventory Tool to help develop an EPA Lead Service Line Inventory to meet the requirements of 2021 Lead and Copper Rule Revisions (LCRR). Please create or update your service area boundary in BoundarySync first. Digital boundaries created in BounarySync will be available in the Lead Service Line Inventory Tool 24 hours after submission.


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