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Sometimes to make a business case for investing in water data, it helps to see examples of how water data helped an organization meet their mission and create value. We want to create an archive of “data stories” highlighting the impact, and value, of water data. If you have a data story to share, please send it to us and we will work with you to develop and publish your story here.

What constitutes a data story?

  • Data must be clearly linked to impact.
  • While we love qualitative stories, we are focused on quantitatively demonstrating impact. This does not, however need to be in monetary terms. It simply needs to show the impact of water data made.
    • Without water data, this did or would have been the outcome.
    • With water data, this is or is likely to be the new outcome.
  • Ideally we want to share both the costs and the benefits of data (or of sharing those data). Overtime, these numbers will help others in the water sector understand how their costs and benefits align with what is possible. Having a way to benchmark data costs and benefits can serve as a sign post that leads to great efficiencies and better results.

How do I share a data story?

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