Seven years of DataStream: Left Turns, Lessons Learned, and the Open (Data) Road Ahead

Internet of Water webinar

Date & Time

Thursday, February 23, 2023

2:30-3:30pm ET


David Bjorkback

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Webinar Details

DataStream Initiative is a Canadian charity dedicated to advancing freshwater protection through open data flows. Our core programming includes a free, online platform for sharing water quality data, which was first launched in 2016. It provides a place for monitoring programs of all kinds to publish their results publicly – in secure, open and accessible formats that support data (re)use. In this webinar, we will explore how DataStream is contributing to a growing open data system of systems and helping to advance collaborative water stewardship. We’ll take a tour through the platform and some of the twists and turns in our evolution and growth. Importantly, we’ll share the lessons learned along the way and key insights from our work in the open data space. We will finish off by discussing what is next for DataStream in the years ahead.