A Global Conversation on Water Data for Reuse Innovation: Lessons from the LA River to the Global South

Internet of Water webinar

Date & Time

Tuesday, February 6, 2024

10:00am-11:00am ET

About the Webinar

Recycling wastewater, once seen as an option of last resort, has for many communities evolved into a necessary practice. But tapping into this renewable, locally managed, and drought resistant water supply also requires substantial community engagement and partnership. Better water data and analytics are key.

Join the Internet of Water Coalition as we bring together leaders from across the globe to discuss the role of water data in supporting water reuse.

This webinar will highlight two examples of data-driven, water recycling partnership in water scarce regions. Following these use cases, a panel discussion will explore the role of water data in meeting local needs and address the potential of water reuse to address global scarcity challenges.

About the Speakers

Clive Lipchin

Clive Lipchin

Director, Arava Institute

Dr Clive Lipchin directs the Arava Institute for Environmental Studies’ Center for Transboundary Water Management, an institution recognized for its innovative work in cross-border water management and cooperation. Throughout his career, he has actively promoted regional collaboration on water-related issues, seeking to foster peace and sustainability through shared water resources.


Bruce Reznik

Bruce Reznik

Executive Director, LA Waterkeeper

Since 2015, Bruce Reznik has served as Executive Director of LA Waterkeeper, where he directs the organization’s advocacy campaigns and programmatic work aimed at achieving fishable, swimmable, drinkable waters through Los Angeles. Reznik previously spent eleven years running San Diego Coastkeeper and has served as Executive Director for San Diego Housing Federation, the Sacramento-based Planning Conservation League, and the Sustainable San Diego collaborative.

Kim Nelson

Kim Nelson

Chief Operating Officer, True Elements

Kimberly Nelson has held the position of Chief Operating Officer and Managing Director, Public Sector, at True Elements since January 2022. Previously, she worked as the Senior Director of Microsoft’s U.S. Public Sector’s State and Local Government Solutions business and had a 22-year career in public service in both state and federal government, including roles at the Office of Environmental information, US Environmental Protection Agency, and Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection.

Christiaan Morssink

Christiaan Morssink

Former President, Global Water Alliance

In addition to his Presidency at the Global Water Alliance, Dr. Morssink has served as the Executive Director of the United Nations Association of Greater Philadelphia and Secretary of the Global Philadelphia Association. His interests include the effects of the built environment on health, elimination of health disparities, hunger, and urban farming, and the campaign to ban and clear landmines and cluster bombs in communities around the world.


Slides and video will be posted here after the event.