Western States Water Data Access and Analysis Tool (WestDAAT)

Internet of Water webinar

Date & Time

Tuesday, April 25, 2023

4:00pm-5:00pm ET


Faith Sternlieb


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Webinar Details

Access to water rights and water use data in a single watershed spanning multiple states is cumbersome due to the different access protocols, structures, and terminology Western States have. However, regional water and land use analysis is increasingly more important due to the unprecedented drought and high demand growth the Western States are experiencing.

The Western States Water Council (WSWC) has completed developing the first stage of the Western States Water Data Access and Analysis Tool (WestDAAT), which will help better visualize and streamline water data sharing for Western eighteen States. The new tool is the latest phase of the WSWC’s Water Data Exchange (WaDE) program, launched in 2011, which encourages data sharing through a common data system that improves access and analysis of public water rights and water use data in standardized and machine-readable formats.

For the first time, WestDAAT provides access to information about around 1½ million surface water and groundwater prior-appropriation rights, serving about 2½ million uses. Prior appropriation water rights govern the use of water based on the timing of use, place of use, and purpose of use. A single water right may serve multiple uses, and a single use may be served by more than one water right. For example, a particular agricultural field may be irrigated from both a surface and groundwater supply. Similarly, a homestead well may be used for domestic use, stock water, and irrigation.

In this webinar, WSWC staff will demonstrate WestDAAT’s capabilities, highlight insights, and showcase examples such as:

  • Identify beneficial use(s) designated for water right
  • Display rights designated use for irrigation, livestock, or municipal use in a state, county, watershed, or area of interest.
  • Display the Points of Diversion (POD) and Places of Use (POU).
  • Display priority dates and permitted diversion or withdrawal amounts compared to other upstream, downstream, or instream water rights
  • Locate a streamgage, reservoirs, or multiple agencies monitoring stations upstream of my water right and diversion

WestDAAT’s centralized and consistent access to water rights data is anticipated to facilitate stakeholders’ discussion related to water use planning and informing future water rights administration, voluntary and compensated in-state water transfers and water markets.