Water Data Legislation Options: Examples from New Mexico, California, and Oregon

Only two states, New Mexico and California, have existing water data legislation: New Mexico’s 2019 Water Data Act and California’s 2016 Open and Transparent Water Data Act. Oregon’s legislature also passed funding packages in 2021 for its water agencies to design a new integrated water data portal. This policy brief compares processes, outcomes, and costs associated with the legislation and funding for water data initiatives in New Mexico, California, and Oregon.

Internet of Water Coalition: Federal Recommendations

To improve decision-making and ensure equitable, sustainable, and resilient water resources protection, development and management, the United States must build an effective Internet of Water. These four actions will make an Internet of Water possible: developing a water data-sharing pilot grant program at EPA, creating a corresponding water data-sharing grant program at USGS, establishing a new water data-sharing framework at USGS, and encouraging federal agencies to adopt Internet of Water Principles.