Community Science

Community science provides opportunity to build the capacity of organizations and institutions for integrated, equitable water resources management. The Internet of Water is proud to partner with federal, state, local, tribal, and community science organizations to improve water data integration for sustainable water resources management.


Meet George Santucci: New River Conservancy

In this Q&A with the IoW, George discusses the role of data in NRC’s water quality monitoring work. The conversation covers NRC’s relationships with three state agencies and the developement of the NC Carolina Aquatic Data Hub.

The Internet of Water is proud to partner with the Water Data Collaborative (WDC) to highlight and support the work of community science organizations.

WDC Mission

The Collaborative’s mission is to grow and maintain an inclusive community of trained and qualified community water scientists who employ best available practices and technologies to provide data that enable the protection and restoration of our nation’s waterways.

Featured Toolkits

Partners of the Water Data Collaborative (WDC) offer tools to guide users through the process of water monitoring. The links below are some of the highlighted resources offered by the WDC.

Clean Water Hub

The Clean Water Hub is a collaborative tool to help people track water quality in local creeks and streams. It enables users to play an active role in conserving, monitoring, and restoring the quality of our nation’s streams and rivers.

View the API documentation.

Water Reporter

Water Reporter is a social network optimized to support watershed intiatives. Users create and share observations with geo-referenced photos and comments.

View the API documentation.

NC Aquatic Data Hub

A new initiative for connecting aquatic monitoring efforts across the state in order to better understand the condition of North Carolina’s waters and to maintain and improve them. 

Data Story: Community Science on the Hooch

Established in 1994, Chattahoochee Riverkeeper (CRK) is a non-governmental and community science organization based out of Atlanta, GA that is dedicated to the protection, preservation, and stewardship of the Chattahoochee River and its watershed. Over the last two and a half decades, the work of CRK, the communities in which they work, and the City of Atlanta have and continue to create a cleaner Chattahoochee River that attracts more recreation, wildlife, and economic development.


Chattahoochee RiverKeeper

Additional Resources

Community Science Water Data Framework

The Water Data Framework is meant to catalyze data sharing among citizen and non-profit groups. Standardizing and facilitating data sharing will activate these data and provide a foundational component of the Internet of Water.


Trust Building Framework

The Internet of Water is working with the WDV to develop a long-term strategy to jointly education the public, decision-makers, and the scientific community of the value of community-science data, and to facilitate better data integration between governments and community groups.

River Rocks

IoW-CA HABs Ingestion Framework

The Internet of Water partnered with the California State Water Resources Control Boards, The Commons, CA Tribes, and NGOs to develop a process to ingest non-state data into the state system for monitoring and notification on Harmful Algal Blooms (HABs). The resulting framework provides a guide for states who wish to expand their capacity by incorporating non-state data.