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Past Events

Sep 02 2020

Is your state or region wrestling with the development of a water budget or water accounting? The California Department of Water Resources has compiled guidance, methods, and examples of water budgeting in the Draft Handbook for Water Budget Development: With or Without Models. In this webinar, handbook authors Abdul Khan, Todd Hillaire, and Paul Shipman will present an overview of the Water Budget Handbook, answer questions about water budgeting, and solicit feedback.

Jun 17 2020

The Internet of Water’s Peer-to-Peer Network invites you to join us in our first quarterly webinar, “Ask the Data Architect.”

Jun 12 2020

What’s a “flash drought”? How do the Bermuda High and El Nino affect North Carolina’s weather and climate? Who decides if we are in a drought, or not? Learn about multiple aspects of drought in North Carolina on our June 12 webinar.

May 13 2020

This position will work directly with the IoW Executive Director, the Senior Policy Associate for Engagement and Outreach, other team members, and key external partners to support the needs of the IoW Project. This position will be housed at the Nicholas Institute in Durham, NC with the expectation that the individual must be able to travel on occasion.

Apr 21 2020

This 3.5-day workshop will be a forum for recreational water quality managers, stakeholders, researchers and public health officials at all levels to share information and ideas about implementing a successful recreational water program. The focus of this workshop is on two common challenges in ambient recreational waters: fecal contamination and harmful algal blooms.

Apr 06 2020

This Conference brings utility leaders together from across the region, to learn and network with colleagues sharing similar challenges. 

It is truly an event that is by utilities, for utilities  and their partners.