Aspen Institute


Past Events

Apr 06 2020

This Conference brings utility leaders together from across the region, to learn and network with colleagues sharing similar challenges. 

It is truly an event that is by utilities, for utilities  and their partners.

Mar 30 2020

The Interagency Conference on Research in the Watersheds (ICRW) brings together watershed scientists, stakeholders, and managers to share scientific advances and management strategies to sustain the country’s water resources.  The Conference highlights interdisciplinary research and synthesis on topics associated with watershed resilience, with a focus on solutions that integrate interacting environmental, social, economic, and political drivers of change.

Nov 03 2019

This workshop will present options for sharing data, and we will practice creating and applying metadata to maximize the potential value of shared data to ensure data are findable, accessible, interoperable, and reusable (FAIR).

Nov 03 2019

AWRA’s Annual Conference is an immersive experience, providing attendees with innovative, practical, and applied water resource management solutions, management techniques, and current research.

Sep 18 2019

Join hundreds of top water leaders in Austin for One Water Summit 2019, the premier national conference focused on sustainable, integrated, and inclusive approaches to managing water. The Internet of Water is hosting a workshop at this event entitled, “How do we close the water data gap in America?”

Sep 16 2019

The WIMS workshop and USGS Water Use Data Collaboration are providing a forum for states and others to exchange information around the status of water use data science, state agency strategies for getting to high-quality water use information, including online reporting, automated data checking, and remote-sensing tools.