Past Events

Sep 16 2021

Community Science groups collect a wealth of data on water quality that can be leveraged to improve management of water resources. John Dawes, executive director of The Commons, will present the Water Reporter app, which provides local monitoring programs with streamlined data management, visualization, and export capabilities to official databases.

Aug 12 2021

Extracting water data from large databases is too often overly complicated and burdensome. The North Carolina State Climate Office’s new extraction and visualization tools – Station Scout and Cardinal – make weather data extraction and exploration easier than ever before. Assistant State Climatologist, Corey Davis, will present these new tools and discuss the process that went into their development.

Jul 22 2021

This webinar introduces SensorThings API, an open standard for data providers to publish interoperable data, and data users to build workflows and applications built on standard interfaces applicable across all implementing data providers. You will learn about how to use the API to get data, including from several example data providers. You will also learn how to set up your own.

Jun 17 2021

Linking data to the wider hydrographic network is a key component of making water data more discoverable and more easily accessible. Dave Blodgett, a hydro informatics specialist at USGS, will describe how the Hydro Network-Linked Data Index (NLDI) connects data to the National Hydrography Dataset so that relationships between single monitoring locations and the broader water world can be revealed.

May 24 2021

Sharing water data will enable us to more sustainably manage our most precious resource. Adel Abdallah and Ryan James of the Western States Water Council will present on the Water Data Exchange (WaDE) project, a framework and interactive dashboard for member states to share important water supply, water use, and water administration datasets.

Mar 23 2021

As we learn more about the potential of wastewater surveillance for early warning of COVID, many states are grappling with how to transform their current water data infrastructure to ensure effective and efficient data management around wastewater surveillance. This webinar will feature a presentation on the CDC’s DCIPHER system as well as a panel with participants from Wisconsin, California, the CDC, and the Internet of Water.