Past Webinars

May 25 1:00 pm

Since 2001, across a 35,000 km2 area, the Oak Ridges Moraine Groundwater Program (ORMGP) has carved out a path to collect, manage, and, via a multi-faceted website, share a wealth of water-related data and interpretations, all aimed at improving land use and water-related decision making in Ontario, Canada. In this webinar, Steve Holysh, Program Co-Manager and Senior Hydrogeologist at ORMGP, will provide an overview of the website, outlining a potential data and resource management path for others to follow and build upon.

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Apr 28 2:00 pm

States struggle to complete Clean Water Act Assessments due to the complexity of gathering and analyzing massive datasets. Arizona used free open-source software to reduce the time it takes to generate an assessment from 9 months to 15 minutes. In this webinar, Jason Jones, Senior Scientist at the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality, will demonstrate how Arizona’s publicly accessible interactive Water Quality Assessment Dashboard provides full transparency behind each decision and informs users of what additional data is needed to fill data gaps.

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Mar 24 2:30 pm

Over the past year, Haw River Assembly has partnered with The Commons to integrate its water quality monitoring programs within Water Reporter – a digital platform for community science. Hear from Emily Sutton, the Haw Riverkeeper, on the environmental issues facing the river and how Water Reporter helps users to better understand those issues and identify solutions.

Feb 24 1:00 pm

Why is stakeholder engagement important? Is all stakeholder engagement the same? Should we engage differently with stakeholders around technology projects? Ashley Ward, Engagement and Outreach Associate for the Internet of Water Project at Duke University, has been engaging with stakeholders throughout the nation on a diversity of topics for over a decade. In this webinar, Ashley Ward will discuss the Internet of Water’s four-step process for stakeholder engagement and share lessons learned from working with stakeholders on technology and data projects.

Jan 20 1:00 pm

Modern utilities are constantly evaluating new technologies and processes to streamline workflows and increase sustainability. In this webinar, you’ll hear how innovative data management at one of the country’s largest water and wastewater utilities is improving decision-making and supporting strategic priorities. Featuring Yvonne Carney, Strategic Performance Director, WSSC Water, Office of Strategy and Innovation.

Dec 02 2:30 pm

Over the past two years, the Internet of Water and The Commons have been collaborating with Native American tribal governments, leading community science NGOs, California’s Water Control Boards, members of the California Office of Environmental Health Hazard and Assessment, and the Water Data Collaborative to enable state agencies to leverage monitoring data to better inform the public about local freshwater algal blooms. Hear from a panel of project leaders about implementing all aspects of the project – tiered data management, database alignment, API development, software training, stakeholder engagement, and more.

All times U.S. ET unless otherwise noted.