Working with Geospatial Hydrologic Data Using Web Services: Python

This two-part workshop series will feature a project-based overview of concepts and open-source tools for performing geospatial analyses with hydrologic data using web services in R and Python. Join us for practical demonstrations and guidance for all experience levels.

Part one will focus on R and take place on July 19. Part two will focus on Python and will take place on July 26.

California’s Water Market: Outlook & Innovations

The expansion of permanent cropland and continuing growth of urban communities are increasing demands on California’s limited water resources. These conditions are driving innovation to improve water risk management due to volatile hydrology. Urban agencies and Central Valley farmers regularly transact in a water market that is under new competitive pressure as participants manage this new normal. To provide greater market transparency, WestWater Research and Nasdaq have developed the NQH2O index which provides a weekly snapshot of California water prices. Market participants rely on the index as an informational tool to understand current prices in California’s spot water market. In addition, farmers are beginning to acquire futures contracts settling against the index to offset the financial risks of water market price volatility. In this presentation, WestWater staff will introduce California’s water market, the NQH2O index, and the new risk management tool of water futures contracts.

The Oak Ridges Moraine Groundwater Program: Thinking Differently – a data driven approach to water management

The Oak Ridges Moraine Groundwater Program: Thinking Differently – a data driven approach to water management

Since 2001, across a 35,000 km2 area, the Oak Ridges Moraine Groundwater Program (ORMGP) has carved out a path to collect, manage, and, via a multi-faceted website, share a wealth of water-related data and interpretations, all aimed at improving land use and water-related decision making in Ontario, Canada. In this webinar, Steve Holysh, Program Co-Manager and Senior Hydrogeologist at ORMGP, will provide an overview of the website, outlining a potential data and resource management path for others to follow and build upon.